Xerces Parser

  1. "format-pretty-print" LSSerializer parameter is not yet implemented (until Xerces-J 2.7.1)

    • So, with Xerces I can't serialize XML in pretty format, when the XML document uses namespaces. (I used XMLBeans, ...)

  2. Document.getElementById does not work!!! They say the document should be validated against XML Schemas and make sure the validation feature and the schema feature are turned on before you parse a document.

    • But, I can't get it work. (finally, I resort to DOM4J..)

XML Schema Design

  1. Heterogeneous Namespace Design:

    • give each schema a different targetNamespace

  2. Homogeneous Namespace Design:

    • give all schemas the same targetNamespace

  3. Chameleon Namespace Design:

    • give the "main" schema a targetNamespace and give no targetNamespace to the "supporting" schemas (the no-namespace supporting schemas will take-on the targetNamespace of the main schema, just like a Chameleon)

JAXB 2.0

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