URLDownload Application Source

Last update   : October 1, 1998
First release : August 27, 1996

It's very simple

How to Run

    In command prompt type like this
    c:\> java URLDownload http://moon.daewoo.co.kr/~yoonforh/opensrc/URLDownload/URLDownload.java
    Then it will receive URLDownload.java file.
    You can use this to download archives which ftp service is not provided
    (only http service provided)..
    and you can't run GUI environment... (such as in telnet prompt...)
    Yup, that's all.
    I made this simple source for my own need just expained above.
    Both http: and ftp: protocols are supported and so do both text and binary file types.
    This method is sometimes very useful when batch download is being required.