How to attach JDB to currently running Java processes

1. first run java process using -debug or -Xdebug option
(in JDK 1.1.x the option is -debug and in JDK 1.2.x the option is -Xdebug)
 C:> java -debug HelloWorld
 Agent password=3k9wtb

2. then process displays the password which jdb will use.
In above example, the password is 3k9wtb.

3. then run jdb like this.

 C:> jdb -host localhost -password 3k9wtb

4. as you have noticed, you can run jdb in this way to debug a remote Java process.

JDB Command List

This list is what you can see from JDB command "help"

threads [threadgroup]     -- list threads
thread <thread id>        -- set default thread
suspend [thread id(s)]    -- suspend threads (default: all)
resume [thread id(s)]     -- resume threads (default: all)
where [thread id] | all   -- dump a thread's stack
wherei [thread id] | all  -- dump a thread's stack, with pc info
threadgroups              -- list threadgroups
threadgroup <name>        -- set current threadgroup

print <id> [id(s)]        -- print object or field
dump <id> [id(s)]         -- print all object information

locals                    -- print all local variables in current stack frame

classes                   -- list currently known classes
methods <class id>        -- list a class's methods

stop in <class id>.<method> -- set a breakpoint in a method
stop at <class id>:<line> -- set a breakpoint at a line
up [n frames]             -- move up a thread's stack
down [n frames]           -- move down a thread's stack
clear <class id>:<line>   -- clear a breakpoint
step                      -- execute current line
step up                   -- execute until the current method returns to its caller
stepi                     -- execute current instruction
next                      -- step one line (step OVER calls)
cont                      -- continue execution from breakpoint

catch <class id>          -- break for the specified exception
ignore <class id>         -- ignore when the specified exception

list [line number|method] -- print source code
use [source file path]    -- display or change the source path

memory                    -- report memory usage
gc                        -- free unused objects

load classname            -- load Java class to be debugged
run <class> [args]        -- start execution of a loaded Java class
!!                        -- repeat last command
help (or ?)               -- list commands
exit (or quit)            -- exit debugger

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