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  1. How to install your own MoinMoin Wiki
  2. Installation scenarios
    1. Personal wiki
    2. Public wiki using CGI
    3. High performance public wiki
    4. Wiki farm

How to install your own MoinMoin Wiki

This page describes the installation procedure of MoinMoin. In the next section, there is a list of real-world Installation Scenarios that help you to understand how to apply the instructions in different environments. If you already have a wiki running and want to upgrade, see HelpOnUpdating.

A MoinMoin installation is done by some elementary steps:

Installation scenarios

The following subpages will show you concrete examples of installation sessions, showing the commands used and explaining what they do. You must first read the general information on installing above before doing the installation steps described on the pages linked from below:

Personal wiki

Wiki for personal use or small workgroup. Does not require anything but Python and MoinMoin.

Public wiki using CGI

CGI is very common, well tested, easy to configure but rather slow.

High performance public wiki

These servers are much faster than CGI, but might be harder to install and configure.

Wiki farm

You can create multiple wiki instances, and serve all of them using one moin server.

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