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== TIP : File IO Performance in Java ==
 * [:FileIOPerformanceInJava:File IO Performance in Java]

Java Tips : Gathering My Java Publications on Wikis and Blogs

INFO : NoClassDefFoundError

TIP : Vector 와 Iterator, Enumeration

TIP : Iterating HashMap

TIP : Null Check

INFO : Encoding and Character set (or Codepages ...)

INFO : spurious wakeup


TIP : Calendar is too slow

TIP : File IO Performance in Java

[PLACEHOLDER : Java Tips Will Continue...]

String concatenation

  • use string concatenation carefully to avoid performance problems


  • Iterator is fail-safe. Use Enumeration when needed.

Refactor and Re-architect

  • smell the codes which request refactor

  • refactor always! prepare re-architect always! but, do not re-architect frequently!

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